4″ EAD-100HD

Jun 22

4″ EAD-100HD

ead100hdThe E100HD looks exactly the same as the E100 from the outside which is deliberate to make it an easy upgrade in previous designs. The E100HD matches the standard E100 parameters close enough to just replace the driver in your current design.

The main difference is in the high frequency, starting from 3Khz and up. As shown in the impedance curve comparison below, the high frequency impedance has been vastly improved, giving the E100HD a very open, 3-dimensional, dynamic, and detailed HF response.

The E100HD is an outstanding performer in a single driver system and due to the simplicity, not having to use complex filters, it’s easy to build your own high end speaker system in many different applications.

NEW: All new E100HD drivers will now come with individual factory parameters!

Order EAD E100HD 1 @ $225.00